Le style Louis XV


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Characterized by the dominance of the curved line, the rocaille style more commonly known as the "Louis XV style" flourished and radiated in France between the 1720s and the 1760s. Touching all forms of art, he has particularly established himself in the complementary fields of interior decoration and decorative arts. Cabinetmakers, carpenters, sculptors, goldsmiths, bronze makers, art locksmiths; porcelain, earthenware, silk or tapestry manufactures;  and many other trades adopted the forms and figures resulting from the fertile imagination of ornamentalists who were inspired by nature, more particularly the aquatic and mineral worlds. Through numerous illustrations, this book seeks to expose the different expressions of this style, as well as its different phases.


The Louis XV style


Lines and shapes

Rocaille art


... to the flora

The human figure and the Orient

Early years

Full development

The last fires