The Grand Trianon


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The Grand Trianon

At Versailles, it is undoubtedly within the walls of the Grand Trianon that visitors best experience this impression of the layering of history. Following in the footsteps of an earlier Oriental-inspired construction, Jules Hardouin-Mansart built an imposing, singular and intimate edifice for the Sun King. All that remains of Louis XIV's era, however, is the architectural shell, which Napoleon and then Louis-Philippe moved into after the Revolution. Dating from the first half of the 19th century, the interior fittings and furnishings coexist harmoniously with the woodwork and paintings designed by Louis XIV. The Grand Trianon emerged from a century of lethargy with the advent of the Fifth Republic, when General de Gaulle decided to turn it into a presidential residence. The palace returned to its former splendour, becoming a venue for foreign heads of state and royalty.
From the palace to the gardens, this guide invites you to discover a building with unique architecture and a complex history, in the footsteps of the sovereigns and leaders who have left their mark on its walls.

Contents :

History of the palace
Architecture of the palace

The royal and imperial Grand Trianon
The Grand Apartments - South wing
The grand flats - North wing
The right wing overlooking the courtyard of honour or the flat of the Queen of the Belgians
The Emperor's inner flat
King Louis-Philippe's private flat
Madame Adélaïde's flat

The Grand Trianon, residence of the Republic
Trianon-sous-Bois: the working areas
Trianon-sous-Bois: living areas
The residence of France's foreign guests

The Grand Trianon or the Palais de Flore
The gardens and fountains


Language: French
Edited by Benoît Delcourte
with RMN-GP Editions, 2023
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