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Catalogue d'exposition - Noël Coypel, painter of grand decors


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Noël Coypel embodies, in many ways, the figure of the accomplished artist in the 17th century. His career, exceptional for its longevity – around sixty years – is also exceptional for the quality of his orders. Under the regency of Anne of Austria and throughout the personal reign of Louis XIV, he participated in the most prestigious royal projects of his time. From an institutional point of view, he shines through his appointments to the heads of the Academies of Rome and Paris. If his work is largely forgotten today, this catalog will serve as a reminder that he was one of the major players in the artistic scene of the Grand Siècle.

Under the direction of Guillaume Kazerouni and Béatrice Sarrazin
Snoeck Editions, 2023
24 x 28 cm; 376 pages
Published in septembre 2023