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Latona's Parterre from the sky by Thomas Garnier


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The Latona's Parterre seen from the sky by Thomas Garnier

"The gardens of Versailles are known as "French gardens", or the expression of classicism through the art of gardening. The main principles are the mastery of nature, symmetry, order and rigor, punctuated by elements of surprise. It's a place where perspective reigns supreme and space is hierarchically organized into parterres, bosquets and fountains. Louis XIV ruled through the arts and, like the Palace itself, the gardens of Versailles were an instrument for demonstrating absolute power."

- Thomas Garnier

Ten of the 200 photos in the book "Le château de Versailles vu du ciel" by Thomas Garnier have been selected and signed. 

Dimensions: 30 x 40 cm (picture mount included)
Grammage: 230 grs

The photo is delivered unframed.