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Versailles 1939-1945 A chateau in the lens


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During the conflict of 1939-1945, the Château of Versailles and its gardens changed their appearance to better protect themselves. Deemed to be particularly at risk, the monument was given a "war uniform" in the summer of 1939, and gradually returned to its original appearance over the following years.
In turn barricaded, occupied, then liberated, this national emblem reveals new facets in this book, which is largely devoted to photography. A selection of photos and documents, brought together for the first time in the form of an album, show the château at the heart of the war and the turmoil of the mid-20th century.

Claire Bonnotte
in coedition with In fine, 2023
20 x 25 cm, 128 p.
ISBN 978-2-38203-134-6
Publication: October 2nd, 2023
Language: Français