The Gardens of Versailles 1623-1715


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Despite the many pages devoted to the Palace of Versailles, the genesis of its gardens remains something of a mystery. Trained as an art historian and long-time chief architect of the Monuments Historiques, Jacques Moulin offers a fascinating historical overview, from its creation in 1623 to its current preservation.
Drawing on a wealth of unpublished documents and a careful re-reading of archives preserved in France and abroad, this work highlights the multiple interventions that have shaped the gardens, the role of successive master builders and the wills that have accompanied their development from Louis XIII to the present day. This first volume covers the period from the creation of the gardens to the death of Louis XIV.

Jacques Moulin
with Editions In Fine, 2023
24.5 x 35 cm, 256 p.
ISBN 978-2-38203-145-2
Publication date: October 2023
Language: French