Versailles en questions


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Versailles' lavish grandeur raises questions about the best way to explore it. This work, which has no intention of replacing a visitors' guidebook, is designed with families and Versailles buffs in mind. It offers the keys to understanding the site through a host of clearly, instructively phrased chronological or thematic questions about its history. Visitors walking through the Place d'Armes gate decorated with France's coat of arms and the restored portal in the Marble Courtyard are stunned by the palace's majesty before entering the grounds, where they can admire the perspective offered by the Grand Canal.

How can a string of questions about this masterpiece of French history and heritage architectural not flood through their minds' How can they not want to find out more about its stories and its history, such as the circumstances surrounding its construction and the major events and daily life the walls and décors witnessed' Whether you read this book before, during or after your visit, it offers an overview of the site and a veritable journey back in time. The questions' and answers' systematic form beckons you on a fun, lively exploration by setting up an interactive relationship between the site and the reader-visitor [...].

Authors: Catherine Gence-Larose, Olivier Mignon
Editor: ArtLys

ISBN-13: 9782854953794
Number of pages: 128 pages (paperback) 
Date of publication: October 2009
Dimensions: 24 x 17,1 x 1,1 cm
Language: French only