DVD 'The Dulcimer Player'

DVD 'The Dulcimer Player'

The dulcimer is an instrument of the family of zithers on tables. The Dulcimer Player is an automaton built in the 18th century by the German clockmaker Peter Kintzing and queen Marie-Antoinette's cabinetmaker David Roentgen. It was acquired by the queen in 1785 and she donated it to the Academy of Sciences.

This DVD recounts the history of the automaton. The work of mechanics, musicians and computer graphics experts has enabled a complete visual and acoustic restoration of the instrument as it was when first made.

Authors: Jean-Marie Broussard / Jean Haury / Denis Mercier
Director: Pascale Risterucci
Producers: C.N.A.M. / SFRS-Cerimes
Time: 26 minutes
Produced in 1995
Languages: German / English / French
Dimensions: W 13.5 x l1.5 x H 19 cm

16,67 €

16,67 € HT