Vivaldi, Farnace
  • Vivaldi, Farnace
  • Vivaldi, Farnace

Vivaldi, Farnace


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This opera dramatises the conflicts of an impossible trio: Berenice, Pompey and Farnace. They are opposed for contrasting political reasons and it seems that nothing can reconcile them. The determination to shield their lineage and protect their clan is their overriding concern. Nothing can stain their honour, even if they should die in preserving it. With the Concert des Nations, conducted by Jordi Savall.

Label: Naïve
Number of discs: 3
CD1 : Sinfonia et First act - 14 scènes
CD2 : Second act - 14 scènes
CD3 : Third act - 18 scènes 
Time: 145 minutes
Code ean : 709861304714
Dimensions : L 14 x W 1 x H 12.5 cm
Format : Audio CD, Box set