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Versailles, as if you were there ! Stroll around with the young king Louis XIV in the magnificent gardens designed by Le Nôtre. Attend the levee of the Sun King and all the ceremonial surrounding him. Follow the ambassadors from remote Siam come to prostrate themselves before him.

Discover the magic of the Musical Fountains and let yourself be charmed by the beauty of the Apollo Fountain. With Louis XV, dance at the Yew Ball in the dazzling Hall of Mirrors. Walk with Marie-Antoinette in the English garden of the Petit Trianon and admire the illuminations in honour of the visit of her brother the emperor Joseph II of Austria, the last festivities of a palace filled with insouciance and magnificence. An extraordinary pop-up book!

14 pages, pop up book
Authors: Viviane Bettaieb, Bruno Fourrure
Publisher: Gallimard Jeunesse
Language: French
Published in: December 2009
ISBN: 9782070618835
Dimensions: L 30x W 22.5 cm

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