Magazine "Château de Versailles" N°4


Magazine "Château de Versailles" N°4

In this 4th issue of Château de Versailles magazine the front page story is dedicated to the seating and precedences at the Court, by Féréric Leferme-Falguières.

Interview: Catherine Pégard, “The meeting of all the arts”
Event: “The arrest of Fouquet” by Jean-Christian Petitfils
Guerre: “The intervention of Louis XVI in the American War of Independence” by Marc Vigié
Heritage: “The Royal Opera” by Raphaël Masson
Portfolio: “ A special gaze on the palace” by Francis Hammond
Daily life: “The great winter of 1709” by Lucien Bély
Archives & unpublished: “The birth certificate of Louis XIII” by Jean-Claude Le Guillou
Visit: “The Bulls-eye Salon” by Alexandre Maral
Objects: “The coronation coach of Charles X” by Jean-Louis Libourel
In the Palace: “Pets” by Nicolas Milovanovic
Outstanding figures: “Adolphe Thiers” by Jacques-Olivier Boudon

Co-publishers: Château de Versailles et Editions Soteca
Periodicity: quarterly
Language: french
Size: L29.7 x l 23 cm

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