Magazine "Château de Versailles" N°5


Magazine "Château de Versailles" N°5

In this 5th issue of Château de Versailles magazine the front page story is dedicated to the lover affairs of Louis XIV, by Hélène Delalex.

Contents of Palace de Versailles no. 5:

Archives & unpublished: Childhood is widespread by Raphaël Masson
Visit: the Encelade Grove, by Bérengère Bienfait
Event: The installation of the court, by Alexandre Maral
War: The battle of Malplaquet, by Jacques Garnier
In the Palace: The King’s Twenty-Four Violins, by Jean Duron
Diplomacy: The Ottoman policy of Louis XIV, by Pascal Arnoux
Objects: Bowl of the royal family of Orléans, by Jérémie Benoît
Heritage: The Peace Salon, by Yves Carlier
Key figures: Elisabeth Vigée-Le Brun by Ines de Kertangu

Co-publishers: Château de Versailles et Editions Soteca
Periodicity: quarterly
Language: french
Size: L29.7 x l 23 cm 

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