N°6 du magazine Château de Versailles
  • N°6 du magazine Château de Versailles

Magazine "Château de Versailles" N°6


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Leading story of issue no.6 of the magazine Château de Versailles: the Hamlet of Marie-Antoinette at Trianon, by Yves Carlier

The contents of issue no.6 of Château de Versailles:
- In the Palace: coffee in the king’s court, by Hervé Bennezon
- Archives & unpublished: the will of Louis XVI, the king’s other profile, by Jean-Pierre Guéno
- Key figures: the Comte de Langeron, Governor of the Grand Canal, by Michel Vergé-Franceschi
- Daily life: the king’s wigmakers, by Frédéric Ottaviano
- Festivities: the Grand Royal Entertainment (18 July 1668), by Raphaël Masson
- Event: the attempted assassination by Damien (5 janvier 1757), by Arnolphe Masas
- Secrets of Versailles: the Weeder, by  Valérie Bajou
- War: the battle of Rossbach (5 November 1757), by Jean-Paul Bled
- Heritage: the Malachites Salon in the Grand Trianon, by Jérémie Benoit

Co-publishers: Château de Versailles et Editions Soteca
Periodicity: quarterly
Language: french
Size: L29.7 x l 23 cm