Poètes en majesté à Versailles


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Versailles belongs as much to history as to our imagination. From the triumphant 17th century to our own day, this place of beauty unfolds its majesty and its mysteries, offering to all those who have lived there, frequented or simply visited it – kings, queens, courtiers and visitors – a creative and dream-like setting.

The poets Marc Alyn, Marie-Claire Bancquart, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Philippe Delaveau, Alain Duault, Abdellatif Laâbi, Werner Lambersy, Nimrod, Jean Orizet, Salah Stétié, Zoé Valdès and André Velter accepted the invitation of Catherine Pégard who presides over the destiny of the Palace of Versailles and Jean-Pierre Siméon, artistic director of Printemps des Poètes (Poets’ Spring).

They celebrate in poetry this legendary place, the cradle of French classicism.

Co-publishers: Château de Versailles & Editions des buslats
Foreword of Denis Podalydès
Language : French
Dimensions : L19 x W11 cm