N°10 du magazine Château de Versailles


N°10 du magazine Château de Versailles

Last days in the Palace

The days of October 1789 are among the most tragic in the history of France. In hardly forty-eight hours, on 5 and 6 October, the fate of the monarchy seemed to be sealed. Since the taking of the Bastille, nobody really knew what would become of the royal family and there were many possible scenarios. But with the departure of Louis XVI for Paris and his return to the Tuileries Palace, things got out of control and the process led the king and queen into the spiral of the Revolution. This time, the life of Versailles was well and truly over. The tragedy had begun.


The complete contents of issue 10 of the magazine Château de Versailles:

- Interview with Alain Baraton "Le Nôtre used plants as a material"
- The days of October 1789
- The King’s Vegetable Garden and his gardening spirit
- Jors, paradoxical realism
- Borstel, an unknown artist in the Battles Gallery
- The “Grand Plan”, two centuries of architectural utopia
- Venetian gondolas at Versailles
- The role of Marie-Antoinette in fashion
- Sacha Guitry comes to the aid of the Palace
- A clairvoyant of Marie-Antoinette
- De Gaulle and Versailles


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