Versailles, the Palace-Book


Versailles, the Palace-Book

Idealized or criticized, the Palace of Versailles has inspired the greatest authors. The Palace is like a manuscript, with great ideas, characters, adventures and poetry, secret passageways, etc. Versailles is like a stage, along with everything that goes on backstage, a delight for all fiction writers.

Adrien Goetz pays tribute to Versailles in this collection of texts by Mme de Sévigné, Casanova, Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust, Stefan Zweig, Érik Orsenna, etc. The Palace has become a veritable literary leitmotif.

240 pages, softbound with flaps
50 illustrations
Dimensions: 16.5 x 23.5 cm
EAN: 9782854954678
Language: French
November 2011

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