Le Petit Quizz de Versailles
  • Le Petit Quizz de Versailles
  • Le Petit Quizz de Versailles

The Little Quizz of Versailles


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Why is Louis XIV called the Sun King? How many years did it take to build the palace? What was the function of the Hall of Mirrors? Who was Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinie (1624-1688)? Which queen was nicknamed “Madame Déficit”?

The idea behind this “little quiz“ is to present, in a simple and playful manner, the key facts and great men who made the rich and long history of the palace. By providing the rider of significant  milestones he may or may not be aware of, sprinkled with historical anecdotes, it may spark a desire to know more about this one-of-a-kind locale, which for four centuries has contributed to the influence of French culture around the world.

Author: Grégoire Thonnat
Editor: Pierre de Taillac

EAN: 978-2-36445-055-4
Number of pages: 152 pages
Date of publication: May 2015
Dimensions: 12,75 x 8,5 cm
Languages: French and English