Versailles secret et insolite


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Versailles is the architectural expression of the dreams of Kings, a daydream combining a taste for pomp and a sensitivity to shapes.
Versailles should be understood as a complex organism whose sumptuous garb hides what goes on behind the scenes and in rooms whose functions are more intimate than public. The royal residence was the main set on which the life of the monarchs was staged, at the crossroads between the city and the park. This guide is thus dedicated to this unique site, from the Palace and it outbuildings in the city to its extensions through the gardens. In a word, it deals with everyday life at Versailles, the eternal Versailles that lives on.

Author: Nicolas Jacquet
Coeditor: Parigramme - château de Versailles

ISBN: 9782840966647
Number of pages: 200
Date of publication: février 2011
Dimensions: 21,2 x 1,7 x 14,3 cm
Languages: french