The Intimate Life of Louis XIV


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Louis XIV was constantly putting on a show and was an expert in the art of dissimulation. Behind the splendours, the etiquette and the mechanics of power, it was hard to grasp the sovereign’s real personality. And yet, the border between the man and the king was tenuous and Louis XIV applied the same exacting approach to his studies of dance and the guitar as to his practice of the “profession of King”. His courage on the battlefield was the same as the courage he had in dealing with the tragedies of the end of his life. This book presents the reality behind the polished image of the sovereign through fifty themes.

From his friendship with his gardener to his passion for peas, from his obsession with orange trees to his disillusioned loves, we discover the life behind the scenes of the most famous King of France illustrated by painting, sculptures, clothes and original photographs of Versailles. Through these pages you will get to look at hidden parts of the palaces and open sealed letters to discover the personality and tastes of the man considered the greatest monarch in the world.

195 × 255 mm
192 pages
ISBN: 978-2-07-014959-9
Publication date: 01 October 2015