Fashion at the Court of Marie-Antoinette


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During the reign of Louis XVI, fashion at Versailles underwent major changes. For official ceremonies, dress and adornment continued to be strictly codified, but a new spirit of freedom appeared around 1780, in a context of a return to nature and a desire for simplicity. At court, these innovations were still closely controlled, but the Queen herself was a strong supporter. An entire administration, the Garde-Robe (the Wardrobe), was in charge of dressing the monarchs in keeping with a precise protocol. But the importance that the Queen gave to her suppliers, such as the famous Rose Bertin, encouraged the appearance of new fashions.

Based on a wealth of illustrations, painted, drawn and engraved representations of clothes as well as antique clothing that has been preserved, this book shows how, at court between 1774 and 1792, fashion hesitated between respect for conventions and a desire for change. Far from being a triviality, the choice of one’s clothing was full of meaning at the time.

Editors: Gallimard & château de Versailles
28.7 x 39 cm
128 pages
ISBN: 978-2-07014-629-1
Publication : 23-10-2014