The Trial of Louis XIV


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In Europe, Louis XIV’s numerous wars led to an abundant production of propaganda against France and the French, or against the king himself and his entourage.

François-Paul de Lisola was the earliest and most aggressive contributor to this campaign. Born in Franche-Comté in 1613, he was a zealous supporter of the Holy Roman Empire, a devout Catholic and a fierce defender of the interests of the Habsburgs of Austria and Spain. He led a dual career as a diplomat and political writer. His texts were used as a reference and a model in the psychological war that broke out against Louis XIV as the royal armies were winning battles in Europe.

With the rediscovery of this veritable textbook of opposition against France under Louis XIV, a forgotten aspect of the 17th century is unveiled that is a far cry from the stereotypes of the Sun King’s glory or the easy caricatures of his reign.

Editor : Tallandier
Language: french
Publication : 8 october 2015
400 pages
ISBN : 9791021013742
22X15 cm