Us, Louis, King


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20 August 1715. Sitting in front of Leto’s Fountain in the wheeled-chair that he now used constantly, Louis XIV threw brioche to his carps. These golden fish were immortal, as the Japanese envoy had promised him. For the first time, he imagined that they would outlive him.

Since the start of the month he had become dreadfully thin, and in spite of the heat he was shivering. The swelling on his left foot had spread to his calf and he suffered from stabbing pain. The doctors had diagnosed sciatica. They had not mentioned gangrene, but, deep down, Louis was aware of the fact.
Time was running out. He would live only 17 days. 17 days in which to take stock of things, set things straight, with men and with God.

In Us, Louis, King, Eve de Castro steps into the shoes of the aging Sun King, casting off the mask of Apollo and revealing a man above all else. A final face to face, in the form of a confession.

Editor : L'Iconoclaste
Author: Eve de Castro
Publication : 26 août 2015
120 pages
ISBN : 978 2 91336 692 3
13,5 x 1,8 x 18,5 cm