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The exhibition journal "Versailles Revival 1867 - 1937"


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At the end of the 19th century, the Palace of Versailles made a spectacular comeback. As it regained it status as a national symbol and was the scene of political events, the nostalgia surrounding its former splendour became a source of inspiration for literature, the arts and fashion. The prosperity of Versailles, the poetry of its gardens, the ghosts of the "Sun King" and Marie-Antoinette became a part of the dreams of the Belle Époque, followed by the Roaring Twenties. This was also a time when the Palace launched major restoration and refurnishing work, triggering passionate debates that have continued into the present day.

Under the direction of Laurent Salomé and Claire Bonnotte

Number of pages: 24 pages
Date: November 2019
Dimensions: 26 x 43 cm
Languages: French and English
ISBN : 978-2-90230-263-5

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Versailles Revival 1867 - 1937

Versailles Revival 1867 - 1937

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