Small "Marie-Antoinette" doll

Small "Marie-Antoinette" doll

The small characters

A soft doll with smooth rounded features that invites kisses and cuddles. After play, it will accompany children for sweet dreams in the world of Marie-Antoinette. Hand-made from cotton (and stuffed with kapok), this doll is machine washable at 30°C. Its format is ideal (18cm long and 16cm wide) for easy tidying away and transport.

The "Marie-Antoinette" pattern designed exclusively by Jean-Michel Bouleau for the On-line Boutique of the Palace of Versailles forms part of a line for children presenting the most illustrious figures in the history of Versailles.

Designer : Delphine Cazin (ModelUnik)
Materials : cotton and kapok
Dimensions : L 18 x l 16 cm

22,50 €

22,50 € HT