Treat yourself to a piece of nature!

Before the Estate becomes bedecked in autumn colours and the leaves fall from the trees, the Palace of Versailles and the Maison Herbarium have teamed up to create 5 unique herbariums, made from the essences of the Admirable Trees in the Park of Versailles. Ginkgo biloba, London plane, Japanese pagoda, small-leaved lime and Virginia tulip tree - each herbarium showcases one of these precious species, witness to Versailles’ history. The leaves have been carefully selected, hand-picked and pressed to dry in the Herbarium workshops in Paris.

Now available for pre-order, the herbariums are sold with or without framing and made to order by the herbarium makers at the Maison Herbarium. This exclusive collection is offered as a limited run, according to the number of leaves collected. The orders will be delivered into one month.

The Admirable Trees walk on the Versailles estate is sponsored by Maison Rémy Martin.
Find out more about the Admirable Trees walk.

Number-one botanical concept store since 2017, Herbarium was created with the aim of bringing back the old-fashioned herbarium, making it the centrepiece of the most refined interiors. By controlling the value chain from A to Z, from production to distribution, Herbarium has built unparalleled expertise in developing timeless, innovative and sustainable products.

Whether used to decorate walls or delicately placed on a chest of drawers, Herbarium promises delicate and soothing plant decoration. Herbarium's strength lies in its craftsmanship. All the herbariums are made in Paris in their own workshop by a team of skilled herbamakers. As each plant is different, each herbarium is unique, which is what makes it so special. The fresh leaves are carefully selected and then immortalised by a natural pressing of 2 to 8 weeks, the steps necessary to create each of these herbariums. The compositions are then assembled one by one by hand in the parisian workshop and carefully checked to ensure the fineness of each detail.