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The Gilded Lily necklace


The Gilded Lily necklace

The gilded lily : symbol of the kings of France from the twelfth century, it adorns weapons and royal fabrics. In 1701 , King Louis XIV was at the height of his glory. He is convinced by his grand- son Philippe , the future king of Spain and willing to take with him the image of his grandfather, to order Hyacinthe Rigaud what would become the absolute image of royal power and reference picture for future generations.

The pendant is made and cut by a French foundry and gilded with fine gold with a gilder nestled in the heart of the Alps. Each piece is carefully mounted on a golden chain, then packed in the Paris studio of Mon Petit Musée.

Golden brass, thickness: 1 micron
Made in France
Pattern size: 1,8 cm
Chain size: 40 cm

24,17 €

24,17 € HT