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The Queen's "Brocade" Pouch with cordon

The Queen's "Brocade" Pouch with cordon

This pouch is inspired by a brocaded lampas, decorated with flowers, ribbons and peacock feathers on a white background. It used to decorate Marie-Antoinette's bedroom in Versailles.

The room was restored to its original state on 6 October 1789 when the Queen left the Château for good.

The fabric, used for a set of summer furniture, was reconstituted according to the model woven in Lyons in 1786-1787, based on a design attributed to Jean-François Bony.

Dimensions: 18 x 18 cm - Cordon 130 cm (6.69"x 7" - Cordon L. 51.18")
Material: 72% cotton, 25% viscose, 3% polyester

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31,67 € HT