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Travel document holder " The Queen's House" - Limited edition

Travel document holder " The Queen's House" - Limited edition

This travel document holder is part of a limited series made by using the protecting banners of the Queen’s House through the restoration works. Hand-picked and cut, each piece in this collection is unique.

This travel document holder features a large pocket in A4 for storing all the documents you need on your trips. 

Between 1783 and 1787, The Queen's Hamlet was built for Marie-Antoinette, based on an idea by the painter Hubert Robert. It was then constructed and decorated by Architect Richard Mique. Due to the dilapidated condition of the interior and exterior layouts, which until now could not be opened to the public, a restoration work had become urgent.

These travel document holders are manufactured by the eco-design company Bilum in workshops specialising in saddlery, leather goods and luggage. Apart from being sponge cleaned on each side, the exhibition banners received no further processing.

You can find on the Online Boutique other models also made from our banners for “The Queen's House”. 

Composition: banner canvas
Hand wash only
Made in France
Dimensions: L 24 cm x H 13 cm

32,50 €

32,50 € HT