"Queen's bedroom" Fan


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This fan is inspired by the patterns on the fabrics stretching the walls of the Queen's Chamber at Versailles. These fabrics, damaged during the Revolution, were rewoven in Lyon according to the original cartoons.

Founded in 1827 by Jean-Pierre Duvelleroy, the Maison Duvelleroy won a few years later several medals at the world's exhibitions, and opened a shop at 15 rue de la Paix. The wealth of execution of its collections, characteristic of the high French way, earned him to become the official supplier of all European courts, starting with that of Queen Victoria.
If the House Duvelleroy has survived, it is thanks to the passion of his heir, who has preserved pleating molds, patterns, mount projects with the certainty "to do something someday".
One day, two young women knocked on her door to propose a crazy project: make the fan high way to modernity, wake up Duvelleroy.

Designer : La Maison Duvelleroy
Materials: Frame made in sycomore wood; leaf in cotton
Dimensions : D. 23 cm
Made in France