• Marie-Antoinette Medallion Necklace
  • Marie-Antoinette Medallion Necklace
  • Marie-Antoinette Medallion Necklace

Marie-Antoinette Medallion Necklace


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The transition from the baroque Louis XV style to the neo-classical Louis XVI style took about ten years, from 1765 to 1775. The straight and rigid line inspired by Antiquity replaced the supple and undulating line of the Baroque. The rocaille decoration gave way to the Greco-Roman ornamental repertoire. The ornamental elements are simplified, inspired by nature and ancient themes. Among the most widespread elements are the ribbon knot and the acanthus leaf motif, directly taken from classical Greek architecture.

Les Néréides Paris made a Marie-Antoinette pendant based on these stylistic characteristics: the Queen's monogram, with its interlacing acanthus leaf, rests on a dragee blue background, a colour that Marie-Antoinette chose in 1787 to redecorate her boudoir in the Petit Trianon. It is topped with a stylised ribbon bow, and rests on a garland of finely chiselled country flowers.

Dimensions: 45 cm x 1,7 cm x 2,4 cm
Materials: Brass, coloured resin
Store the jewel away from light and in its pouch. Avoid contact with water, damp atmospheres (such as bathroom) and chemical products (cleaners, cosmetics ...). Avoid wearing the jewellery during activities that may cause shocks. In case of oxidation: rub the jewel gently with a clean and dry cloth.