• Red Silk Square "Herbier du roi"
  • Red Silk Square "Herbier du roi"
  • Red Silk Square "Herbier du roi"
  • Red Silk Square "Herbier du roi"

Red Silk Square "Herbier du roi"


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This red silk square was designed by the French brand Maison Baluchon. It can be used in many ways: tied around the neck, in the hair or around the waist. It completes the Herbier du Roi collection composed of a dozen exceptional fashion and decoration accessories in four plant colors: green, bronze, navy and burgundy.

Louis XIV used to visit his fruit and vegetable garden regularly, enriched by the botanical expeditions that became common in the 17th century. In 1676 Denis Dodart, the King's physician and member of the Academy of Sciences, started to write a faithful description of the "Recueil des plantes du Roy", also called "Histoire des plantes". Each plant is the subject of a life-size reproduction with great precision.

The Herbier du Roi collection offers high-end objects, designed and manufactured in France, handcrafted in Haute-Marne by an artisan couturier and an art leather worker. Some pieces are also made in Belgium and England, and carefully controlled.

Dimensions: 90 cm x 90 cm
Material: 100% silk
Dry clean