Daisy and pearl earrings "Galerie des modes"


19.12 € tax excl.


These brass and resin earrings are inspired by 18th-century prints and ornaments. "In the 18th century, French fashion radiated elegance throughout the courts of Europe. These motifs, inspired by "reatise on precious stones and how to use them in adornment", illustrate the refinement of embellishment at the time.

The "Galerie des modes" collection, designed by Happy Remix Productions, is inspired by prints and ornaments published in the "Galerie des modes et costumes français" and the "Traité des pierres précieuses". Find this collection in the shop

Care: Avoid contact with water, chemicals and cosmetics.
Material : flash gold brass, resin
Dimensions of model : 1.8 cm x 3.8 cm