Sun King Magnetic brooch


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Magnetic-brooch in gold-plated metal, attaches to clothes with a magnetic button without damaging them.

Louis XIV, known as "the Great" and "the Sun King" (1643-1715)

At the beginning of his reign, Louis XIV chose the sun as his emblem, thus identifying himself with Apollo, solar god of peace and the arts, a star that regularly rises and sets and gives life to everything. Hero warrior, bringing peace and protector of the arts, Louis XIV by the regularity of his work, by his public rising and setting, imprints the resemblance with Apollo in the stone.
Everywhere in the decorations of the palace and its gardens, representations of the god and his attributes are present: on the ceilings, in the woodwork, in ironwork or in painting. This emblem was the most beautiful instrument of royal propaganda.

Made in France

Material: golden brass
Maintenance: Avoid contact with water, chemicals, and cosmetics