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Queen Marie-Antoinette pot


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This pot was originally created in 1736 and is decorated with blue and white flowers. It is marked with the Queen's cipher, i, a medallion hanging from a ribbon and surrounded by roses, as a reminder of the Queen's Hasburg-Lorraine ancestry.

One hundred copies of the historical pots already line the balcony of the Queen’s Hamlet in Versailles.
This exceptional piece was officially reissued by the Manufacture Normande, a century-old French enterprise, in collaboration with the Palace of Versailles. Entirely handmade in France, out of frost-resistant stoneware
This classic and stylish pot is perfect for all types of plants.
The set includes the pot and its saucer, and comes in a box to protect it, bearing the Queen’s cipher and a historical note. 

Pot dimensions : top diameter : 20cm
bottom diameter: 14cmheight of pot: 16cm
height/width of upper rim: 2cm
5 holes in bottom of pot.
Dimensions of saucer: Height 3cm / Diameter 16.5cm

Entirely handmade out of frost-resistant stoneware. Made in France.