Admirable Trees Herbarium - Ginkgo biloba


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With this collection of herbariums, the Palace of Versailles showcases its plant heritage, a witness to the history of the Domain. The leaves are carefully selected, hand-picked and pressed for drying in By Charlot's workshops in Paris. 

Available for pre-order now, the herbariums can be purchased with or without a frame and are made to order by the herbamakers at By Charlot.


Native to China, ginkgo biloba was discovered in Japan by Westerners in the 1690s and was introduced to England in 1754. In 1778, the naturalist Joseph Banks gave one to the Jardin des Plantes in Montpellier. It is an ancient tree that dates back to the end of the Paleozoic era (300 million years) and is known for its hardiness.

At Versailles, a ginko biloba was planted in Trianon in 1789 during the revolutionary seizures. Around 1820, a project for sexual reproduction of the tree was undertaken using a female graft from the botanical garden in Montpellier. By 1847, there were 66 trees including this pair of ginkgoes, planted around 1850 and probably original.


The colour of the leaves will change naturally over time as part of the charm and poetic character of genuine herbariums. To preserve your herbarium in the best conditions, avoid direct contact with UV rays and display it in a room free from damp.