• Médaille "La Grille d'Honneur"
  • Médaille "La Grille d'Honneur"
  • Médaille "La Grille d'Honneur"

“La Grille d’Honneur” Medal – Arthus-Bertrand


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This medal represents a view of the Grille d’Honneur built in the 17th century, the main entrance to the Palace separating the Place d’Armes from the Cour d’Honneur. Ten million visitors cross it every year and it is no doubt the most visible component of the Estate.

This courtyard was called the forecourt because it was not, strictly speaking, considered part of the royal residence. Called the Ministers’ Court, it was part of the Palace’s outbuildings. The grand private townhouses around the Place d’Armes were home to courtesans who were not allowed to live at the Palace.

Material: Gilded bronze or silvered bronze
Diameter: 70 mm