Plat à cake "Endroits remarquables"
  • Plat à cake "Endroits remarquables"
  • Plat à cake "Endroits remarquables"

“Endroits remarquables” cake plate


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The “Endroits remarquables” cake plate is part of the exclusive collection designed and made by Gien for the Palace of Versailles. The collection shows remarkable places in the palace and gardens of Versailles, based on prints made by Jacques Rigaud during the reign of Louis XV. It includes multiple views of the palace, with the facade from the gardens, the Royal Chapel, the Orangery and the Place d’Armes.
This cake plate depicts the view of facade of the Palace from the gardens.

Made in France
Unique, bicentenary expertise
Strict quality control
Exceptional faience for living in the French style.