Silver soup ladle
  • Silver soup ladle
  • Silver soup ladle

Silver soup ladle


198.33 € tax excl.


This is a genuine piece of quality silverware

To make it, a certain number of elements had to be prepared separately (they are moulded, laminated, stamped, engraved, etc.). The silversmith then assembled all these elements to make the final piece by silver brazing, pewter welding, crimping and mounting by screws and nuts.

In the 17th century, the ceremonial supper of the Grand Couvert was held in the antechamber of the King or the Queen. The soup course was served first. Then followed the starters, the roasts, the salads, the entremets and lastly the fruit. All the dishes were served by waiter officers.

Designer : Maison Ercuis
Material : silver
Made in France
Dimension : L32 cm