Candle "Royal Opera " - 45h


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"Royal Opera House" scented candle

The Royal Opera House was the venue for the most impressive festivities and the scene of musical creations, with the most beautiful shows being performed here for the King’s pleasure. To celebrate its role in history, the Royal Opera House scented candle has been endowed with a rich composition, containing ingredients to give relief and volume to fill the immense hall.
It starts off with a fresh aroma of artemisia, and a gentle touch of cinnamon to rein it in. Gaiac wood confers an aristocratic feel, with a slightly smoky edge of incense.
As for the red fruit, it produces a jubilant, luscious aroma. It comes to a head as a woody scent with a vanilla and honey finish. 

Olfactory pyramid:
Top notes: Cinnamon leaf. Middle notes: Red fruit – Incense – Gaiac wood. Base notes: Cedar – Honey – Vanilla – Patchouli.

Vegetable wax made from rapeseed and mineral wax. 100% natural.
Top-quality perfumes made in Grasse. 

Burn time:  A continuous scent, both cold and when burning, to last around 45 hrs.

Regulatory notice:

Content: COUMARIN, PINENE, 3-CARENE. May produce an allergic reaction. Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long lasting effects. Dispose of the product at an approved collection point.