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Refill - Perfumed bouquet "Royal Opera"


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This refill for the perfumed bouquet from the Palace of Versailles 500ml Royal Opera invites you to the theatrical performance of a rich, multi-faceted fragrance, written for a royal setting in which woody notes and incense reveal the unsuspected architecture of the place. Honey, cinnamon and iris evoke the splendor and richness of the decor, in the image of this place of festivities.

Pour the fragrance solution into your perfume stick diffuser and let the wisps soak in, to fully enjoy the royal and majestic ambience of this fragrance at home; with the Palace of Versailles 500ml Royal Opera perfumed bouquet refill.

Top notes: Cinnamon leaf
Heart notes: Frankincense, Guaiac Wood
Base notes: Vanilla, Honey, Patchouli
Capacity: 500 ml
Diffusion time: (+/-)10-12 weeks

Delivery only in metropolitan France.