The 2023 Marly honey


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After the installation of twelve hives at the Trianon estate in 2019, eight hives were installed at the National Estate of Marly in 2022 to gain new insights into the environmental provisions of the Palace of Versailles. Today, you can taste the honey from the 2023 harvest: sweet, strong, liquid and licorious!

This amber-tinged honey blends several notes of chestnut and bramble, giving it a woody dominance and a slightly strong taste that contrasts with the subtlety of lime blossom in the background. Produced by Ile-de-France black bees, a local breed of bee, this honey contributes to the preservation of local species and biodiversity.

Composition 2023: Chestnut, Bramble, Lime, Broad Bean, Maple, Chestnut, Ivy and meadow wildflowers.

Contents : 250 g
Best before September 2025

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