Scented 'Palace of Versailles" candle - The Hall of Mirrors
  • Scented 'Palace of Versailles" candle - The Hall of Mirrors

Candle " Hall of Mirrors"


49.17 € tax excl.


This scented candle is directly inspired by the world of the Palace of Versailles. It is handmade in the purest tradition of French candle-makers. The glass bowl is made by master glassworkers.

The candle "Hall of Mirrors" has scents of amber, vanilla and musk. 

You can find other "Palace of Versailles" fragrances on our online shop.

Combustion time: 60 hours for 300g of wax
Materials: Natural wax, cotton wick and glass
Made in France

Packaging dimensions: L 10.5 x W 10.5cm x H 11cm
Glass cup dimensions: H 10 x D 10 cm

Cautions for use: Keep away from children and animals. Place on a flat surface. Do not place near furniture that could catch fire or near ventilation. Do not leave unattended while burning. Do not hold while burning. To avoid implosion, do not keep burning for more than 3 hours in a row, cut the wicks to 1 cm and reposition them if necessary while the wax is still hot. 

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