Candle "The Water Theatre"

Candle "The Water Theatre"

For the opening of the Water Theatre Grove, a new, unique candle was designed with the help of Louis Benech and Jean-Michel Othoniel. Louis Benech has chosen a plant-based scent, with slightly salty aquatic notes mingling with hints of undergrowth.

The scent evokes a walk in the heart of the garden he has created, leading to a clearing filled light and water, and bordered by holm oaks for relaxing breaks. Jean-Michel Othoniel has created a golden silkscreen print design that dances around the glass jar, inspired by the watercolours for his fountain sculptures.

The "Water Theatre Grove" candle is part of the series of "Palace of Versailles"  candles. These scented candles are directly inspired by the world of Versailles and pay tribute to its iconic and unique venues. They are hand-poured in the purest French candlemaking tradition.  The glass jars have been crafted by master glassmakers.


Dimensions : packaging : L 10.5 x W 10.5cm x H 11cm
glass cup : H10 x D10 cm
Made in France
Lighting time: 60 hours for 300g of wax

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49,17 €

49,17 € HT