Torchons "11 Petits Entremets Menu du Roy"
  • Torchons "11 Petits Entremets Menu du Roy"

La Table du Roy “11 entremets” Tea Towel


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This tea towel is illustrated with the eleven entremets served at the King’s dinner on 8 February 1747. They were taken from the menu transcribed in the “Voyages du Roi au château de Choisy, avec les logements de la cour et les menus de la table de Sa Majesté – Année 1747” by Brain de Sainte-Marie

During ceremonial meals, the series of dishes required that the dinnerware be changed for each service. The Officiers de Bouche were in charge of setting out the gold, silver and vermeil dishes. The Court goldsmiths worked to invent new dish shapes to maintain heat better.

Material: cotton
Dimensions: 48 x 72cm
Packaging : cellophane

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