Jeton "Ecuries du Roy"
  • Jeton "Ecuries du Roy"
  • Jeton "Ecuries du Roy"
  • Jeton "Ecuries du Roy"

“The King’s Stables under Louis XV’ Token – Arthus-Bertrand


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This token is a replica of a token produced in the 18th century. The obverse side represents the profile of King Louis XV with the inscription LUD. XV. REX CHRISTIANISS. (Louis XV, Most Christian King) and, on the reverse side, a prancing horse with the inscription of a Latin quote, BELLI PACISQUE DECUS and the words ECURIES DU ROY.

Unlike a medal, which is defined as a collector’s item designed to “preserve the portrait of illustrious people or the memory of […] an event” (Trévoux Dictionary, 177), a token originally had a use and could have several functions – serve as a monetary value on a gambling table, be given as a present or used as proof of belonging to a service.

Material: silvered bronze
Diameter: 29 mm