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“Château de Versailles” orange tree box

“Château de Versailles” orange tree box

Sold by Jardins du Roi Soleil

The “Château de Versailles” orange tree box is a fully dismantlable cast-iron structure assembled with high-strength stainless steel bolts. The cast iron is made in France to ensure strict quality control, and is guaranteed free of heavy metals and radioactive components.
The opening side panels are made of oak from the Tronçais forest in Auvergne, crafted and painted in the Jardins du Roi Soleil workshops. They are held in place by cast iron hinges hooked onto the structure with bichromate pins.
This orange tree box has no bottom or internal tray but has wooden slats. In this way, plant growth is enhanced through better drainage and good ventilation of the soil mix. It is also the only box with four opening side panels, giving direct access to the root ball so that the roots can be treated. By strictly respecting these horticultural qualities, combined with unparalleled aesthetics, we continue to win over the greatest landscapers and gardeners throughout the world.

Each box is marked with its year of manufacture, cast into the body of the box, as it was in the past. Every box carries a unique number on a plate fixed underneath the structure, so that the date of manufacture and the identity of the customer can be easily traced.

The “Château de Versailles®” orange tree box produced by Jardins du Roi Soleil® is available in eight sizes (width of the box in mm) and 12 colours.

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