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“Château de Versailles” bench

“Château de Versailles” bench

Sold by Jardins du Roi Soleil

The “Château de Versailles” bench was designed by Pierre-André Lablaude ACMH, from original prints dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, to decorate the park at Versailles and the Trianon gardens.
Reissued under an exclusive trademark licence "Château de Versailles®", this carved bench with tracery is hand-crafted from naturally dried solid French oak.
The designs are carved into the wood by hand.
The benches are assembled traditionally with tenons, mortises and pegs.
All the parts are given a layer of primer before assembly. 
The finish is done by hand, with two or three layers of gloss paint.

The “Château de Versailles” bench produced by Jardins du Roi Soleil is available in 3 models and 12 colours (see the range of colours in the product photos). 

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