Jardins du Roi Soleil

“Château de Versailles®” bronze planter

“Château de Versailles®” bronze planter

To celebrate its partnership with the Palace of Versailles, Jardins du Roi Soleil is producing the famous “Château de Versailles®” orange tree box in a smaller bronze planter-sized version.


After the success of the “Château de Versailles®” orange tree box (which can now be found in all four corners of the world, in the gardens of the grandest palaces and institutions), Jardins du Roi Soleil is launching a new version of this flagship product, this time made of patinated bronze and in a smaller size.

The “Château de Versailles®” bronze planter is cast in France, and the patina applied by hand by expert craftsmen at Maison Rennotte Riot, a workshop that forms part of the FORT ROYAL group of artisan artists. The patina is applied strictly according to the rules of the art giving a unique grain and the authentic charm of this collector’s piece, available in three different finishes: brown patina, antique green or verdigris. 

Its smaller size of 25 cm wide and 28 cm high means that it is suitable both for outdoors (walkways, porches, balconies) and indoors, where it will be an ideal decorative feature and a beautiful container for a plant.

The “Château de Versailles®” planter is also available in aluminium, with the same dimensions and in the 12 colours of the standard Jardins du Roi Soleil range. It will be the perfect complement or alternative to its big sister, the “Château de Versailles®” orange tree box.