Magazine Château de Versailles N°30


Magazine Château de Versailles N°30

File: D’Artagnan, from Musketeer to Governor


A proud Gascon


Known for having formed, with the other three musketeers, Alexandre Dumas’ famous foursome, the real d’Artagnan led a dramatic life.  He was assigned particularly difficult missions by Louis XIV, starting with the arrest of Fouquet.  However, the honours which accompanied the end of his life never prevented him from demonstrating his bravery, and his appointment as Governor of Lille was one of his proudest achievements.  During the siege of Maastricht, he lost his life in a battle he should not have been a part of.  He died as he had lived: in the service of the king.

(David Chanteranne, Chief Editor of Château de Versailles. De l’Ancien régime à nos jours)


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D’Artagnan, from Musketeer to Governor


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Co-editors : Versailles Palace and Soteca Edition

Number of pages : 82 pages
Date of release : july 2018
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