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Portraits de femmes influentes (Portraits of Influential Women)

At a time when their power could be exercised only sparingly, some 18th-century women had remarkable influence. Of course, for the most part they were often no more than minor players in what was a profoundly masculine world, but the role held by some of these women - princesses, members of the royal family, mistresses - proves that deep changes were taking place in peoples’ minds and in society as a whole. The Palace of Versailles was an extraordinary laboratory for the mentalities of the time, and even for the decades and centuries to come.

(David Chanteranne, Chief Editor of Château de Versailles. De l’Ancien régime à nos jours)

Co-editors: Palace of Versailles and Editions Soteca

Number of pages: 82 pages
Date of publication: late December 2018
Size: 23 x 29.7 cm
Languages available: French